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Welcome West Main Tigers!

Christina Tyous' Introduction

Christina Tyous
West Main Elementary
My Responsibility
As a teacher, my responsibilities are many; I will help your child continue the process of learning. Your child will be encouraged to learn and flourish in a safe and dynamic educational environment. They will have the freedom to experiment, explore, seek and question. They will fail and succeed without fear. In this way, they will learn to trust and interact with other children as well as adults.

I promise to provide stimulating educational experiences. I will do my best to make sure each student develops academically, socially, and emotionally. Each child is unique and will work at its own pace. The classroom environment will be structured so that children can achieve their highest potential.

The future of our society depends on the education of its young. I accept this responsibility with great commitment, dedication and joy.

Expectation for Third Graders
This year will be an exciting and a learning time for each student. As a parent, I would like for you to be aware of what will be expected of your child. It is very important for each student to have encouragement and support at school and home. Together, as a team we can make this a truly successful year.

My Expectation
1. Students will respect each other and adults.
2. Students will listen to and follow my directions and participate in the learning process.
3. Students will complete work in a timely manner.
4. Weekly homework will be completed within the school week and will be turn in every Friday.
5. Raise your hand.
6. Come equip to work everyday.
7. Keep your hands, feet and all objects to yourself.
8. Use kind words.

Consequences for breaking the rules                                      Rewards
1. Verbal warning                                                                     1. Verbal praises
2. Time out (TIGERS design)                                                  2. Stickers/self-reward
3. Dojo                                                                                     3. Treasure box
Expectation for Parents
We will work together in encouraging and supporting your child’s success. I believe parents are a child’s first teacher. Therefore, I would like for us to work together in educating today’s future. To achieve this we will need to communicate with each other. You may contact me by phone (972-218-1590) to set up an appointment on my planning period or e-mail me at christinatyous@lancasterisd.org. Parents keep in mind if you called during instructional time keep the conversation brief.